The Four Ps of Creativity

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An Analyse of a Significant Creative and Innovative Thinker in Terms of the Four Ps A concept labelled as the ‘Four Ps’ has been used to help understand the influential factors around creative beings and how these factors influence their final creative products. According to Mel Rhodes in his book An Analysis of Creativity (1961) these Four Ps; person, place, process and product are the underlying factors of creativity itself. By understanding how the 4 Ps work we are able to venturing into the life of a creative thinker and conduct and analysis of there creativity. In this case we will look at a German media artist, Tom Tykwer who has constructed a variety of unique films due to his high level of creativity. This creativity has been …show more content…
Working as a projectionist at a Berlin Art Cinema Movement, allowed him to be continually exposed to a variety of artistic films (Tykwer 2010a). Here Tykwer met the first person that was too help him develop his film career, an independent film maker in the late eighties called Rosa von Praunheim (Cowie 2010a). This man strongly influenced Tykwer’s approach to film making and Tykwer’s first film displayed many of the stylistic and thematic trademarks that his other movies now contain. It was after this that Tykwer created his own film company, X Filme (Tykwer 2010b) and was able to keep his own artistic licence. Many directors who allow funding from more mainstream production companies tend to lose artistic licence. Artistic licence is simply the amount of say the director has within the creation of their film. Tykwer felt strongly about keeping his films very personal giving him the label of an Auteur (Clarke 2006). The belief that directors should have complete artistic control is what separates him from other directors/filmmakers. Tykwer created what he wanted too, not what others did. This promoted his creativity immensely as his imagination is able to run wild. Environment is known to change throughout someone’s life constantly. A brief overview of artist Brice Marden in Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility by authors Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon (2009) reflects the importance of how specific surroundings affect

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