The Four Psychodynamic Theories

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In the four major theories of personality one of these theories is psychodynamic. Psychodynamic personality theory focuses on the role of the unconscious mind in the development of personality. In Freud’s study, one of the advantages that prove to be present in psychodynamic theory is its ability to recognize there is subconscious and how it has impact on one’s life. As well, it brought the importance that childhood experiences have an effect on an individual’s life. For example, many of Freud’s patients proved this case when discussing the effects of being sexually abused as a child altered their way of living. However, one of the disadvantages of this theory would be its claim that human behavior is pre-determined and individuals do not have free will. For instance, the psychosexual stages that Freud claim that lead to the end result personality of an individual. Furthermore, another personality theory that is a part of the major four theories would be trait theories. Trait theories are less concerned with explanation for personality development and changing personality than they are with describing personality and predicting behavior based on observation. One of the advantages that are present in this theory would be its capability of categorizing…show more content…
An advantage of this theory is that it emphasizes individual’s sense of self, basically claiming that humans present themselves in a certain way because that is how they interpret themselves. Furthermore, a disadvantage that is present in this theory is that it’s difficult to be tested scientifically. As well, this theory according to other psychologists fails to portray the negative aspects of human nature. For instance, the humanistic theory would have difficulty in understanding the motivation behind
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