The Four Season Of Hotel Management

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The Four Season’s hotel was founded by Isadore Sharp in 1961 in Toronto, Canada. It transformed the hospitality industry by combining friendly and efficient service with the finest traditions of international hotel keeping. Therefore, redefining luxury for the modern traveler in the process. The company has been on many top lists including on the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune every year since it’s inception in 1998. Ranked #47 in 2015 largely to its low employee turnover rates. At the time young architect and builder Sharp had no plans on entering the hotel industry on a grand scale since it took him years to convince his backers of his vision “a personal, down-to-earth hotel. Not for dukes or duchesses, but for people who…show more content…
The Four Seasons values supporting sustainability, building communities and advancing cancer research. It involves all guests and employees in the common goal of preserving and protecting the planet by engaging in sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact as well as conserve natural resources. The company is extremely active in many preservation events such as wildlife conservation, water conservation, energy conservation, environmental preservation, and supports local farming. The idea is that sustainable tourism will protect areas in which the Four Seasons operates for future generations. The hospitality company also supports the community within and outside its establishment by engaging in youth mentoring, supporting those in need, celebrating the culture diversity of where it operates, assisting in poverty relief, aiding in healthcare, and raising significant funds and awareness for campaigns whose goal is the eradication of cancer. An event that celebrates the culture diversity in the community would also be a solidarity incentive. The Four Seasons believes in preservation, purpose, and progress. The company’s stated values of supporting sustainable, building communities, and advancing cancer research really help out by positioning the company as a charitable hotel and setting clear reputation management goals since it deals with the identity and perception of the organization, relationship management goals since it is
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