The Four Seasons Business Analysis

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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Company profile Four Seaons were the first condom manufacturer in the world to release a coloured, dotted condom, and also the first to produce a condom that adjusts to the pH inside a vagina. Constant innovation within the company led to the release of the thinnest condom ever, Four Seasons Naked 0.02, only 0.02 mm thickness. In 1997, Four Seasons developed a breakthrough condom made from special polyurethane material; a form of plastic which is thinner, twice as strong as latex and is not damaged by oil-based lubricants. The condom was an outcome of over 25 years of material research Four Seasons, 2013). Four Seasons range have successfully penetrated into to France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, USA, Hong Kong and Indonesia with Africa been the latest foreign market entry. Four Seasons products generally enjoy positive brand impressions as a safe, easy to use and an innovative range. This country attractiveness and proposed entry strategy was developed to introduce Four Seasons condoms to the lucrative Indian market. At a population that is growing at the rate of 1.4% (an increase of over 181 million during the last decade (India Census, 2011)), the market offers tremendous potential for Four Seasons polyurethane condoms. Population data shows that 2.4 million of Indians population is suffering from HIV/AIDS and the death toll in 2009 amounted to more than 170,000 (UNAIDS Global
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