The Four Seasons Hotel under Isadore Sharp

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The Four Seasons Hotel Under Isadore Sharp The Four Seasons international hotel chain is a Canadian based business. There locations are all five star rated facilities that offer luxury accommodations for their guests. However, there business model is rather unique for their industry. As opposed to owning and operating their own locations, the Four Seasons plays more of a management role and partners with local real estate developers who own the properties. There eighty four different locations are consistently rated among the top luxury hotels worldwide and offer world class service to their patrons. The company was founded by Isadore Sharp in the 1960s after he graduated from architecture school (Four Seasons, N.d.). The first location was in Toronto and all of the funding for the project came from local investors. Sharp had to locate the hotel in an uninviting location that was in a less than luxuries part of Toronto and the Four Seasons did not acquire their luxury status until many hotels later. The first luxury hotel opened in London about a decade later and was intended to compete with the established luxury accommodations of the area. The company was not always successful and actually came close to the point of bankruptcy on multiple occasions. Under Sharp's leadership, the company decided not to tie up too much capital in ownership of the locations. Instead they carved out a strategy to play more of a management role and let the ownership privileges be
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