The Four Stages Of Group Development

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The four stages of group development are forming, storming, norming, and performing. None of the stages have to go in a particular order. Forming is the first stage where people join together for a reason. Our group formed because this class put us together, which was mainly based on the need to fulfill the goal of passing Small Group Communication and doing a service project together. This happened when we filled out the sheets about our skills and whom we would and would not like to work with. We were then all introduced to our new groups in class.
Stage two was next for us. This stage is called storming. This is the tension felt in the group. It is fine for a group to have tension as long as it is a healthy balance of helpful and unhelpful tension. There are two different types. The first is primary tension, which is what a group feels when they first meet. That tension usually goes away over time as the group finds a sense of cohesiveness. There is also secondary tension, which consists of the stress and strain of dealing with deadlines, conflicts, and scheduling issues. Our group honestly had a very healthy balance of tension. We all got along from the very first time we met. I even remember us all saying how happy we were that we ended up in The Avengers. This continued on even with deadlines, conflicts, and schedules. We all were very good about being flexible and open to new ideas for the most part. I think that deadlines just pushed us to work harder and cooperate

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