The Four Tasks Of Mourning

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The Four Tasks of Mourning Marinda Chhay-Baldi Denver School of Nursing Abstract A closer look at the mourning process will reveal that such a process contains several steps necessary to complete in order to continue on with a life after a beloved has passed. The tasks of mourning by William Worden are examined for insight on the grieving process and what difficulties might be encountered. The grieving process is complex and requires acknowledgement of its importance for bereaving individuals to successfully heal from his/her loss. The Four Tasks of Mourning Facing or experiencing death can be very surreal and life changing. Not everyone can innately cope well with the death of someone they know. William Worden developed the four tasks of mourning and states that one must accomplish these tasks for equilibrium to be reestablished in life. Worden acknowledges that grief is not linear and there is no real timeline for completing these tasks of mourning. Exploring these four tasks may reveal a better understanding of the grieving process and see what steps people must complete in order to accept the death of someone they are mourning. One misconception about mourning is that it is time limited. Otto Kernberg (2009) states that mourning processes do not end, but actually evolve into either a lasting or permanent aspect of psychic structure. It is not appropriate to set a time limit for someone to mourn the loss of somebody. The pain of mourning may gradually
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