The Four Turning Points Of John Lewis

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Everyone in their life experiences a state of hopelessness. Whether it is a big or a small occurrence; it helps us shape up mentally or physically ready for the real world. In March, Lewis talks about the events in his life that we classify as his turning points which caused them to turn their life around. It is true that many events did not increase his will to protest. I think that John Lewis' life was changed by his turning points, there are four turning points what continues to affect him to this day. The four turning points that stand out are his first arrest, Lewis' trip to Buffalo with his Uncle Otis, Dr. King's speech, and when he decided to join the Freedom Riders. John Lewis spares his experience going to jail as seen when Lewis goes to prison for the first time. Lewis states, "Surrounded by so many of our Friends, we felt like prisoners in a holy war." (Lewis and Aydin 1: 104). In other words, Lewis describes the jail as being a prisoner in a war. Lewis going to jail made them protest all the more by Lewis saying; "We weren't about to cooperate in any way with the system allowing the very discrimination, we were protesting." (Lewis and Aydin 1: 105). In other words, John Lewis believes they were all still protesting even in jail until Lewis and the prisoners were released later that night. After they left the jail the next morning Dr. Wright, the College President at Fisk University, was the first black man to take a stand in the country against the
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