The Four Types Of Organizational Cultures

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An organizational culture is a system of shared beliefs and values that are establised to help motivate and coordinate employees in the achievement of meeting the organization’s goals (Kinicki, 2012, p.229). The four types of organizational cultures are: clan, adhocracy, market, and hierarchy. By a company choosing what kind of culture and structure they will plan lays out the design of how an organization will function which gives an the organizational identity, it facilitates collective commitment, promotes stability, and shapes the workplace behavior by helping employees to understand the purpose and goals of the company, and how they intend to accomplish their goals (Kinicki, 2012). In creating an organizational culture, I am doing so, based on the clan culture because I feel that an organization can thrive in all aspects when employees are in an environment that gives the sense of family, which in my opinion, also promotes cohesiveness (Rouse, 2014). With this, I am am employee-focused and prepared to mentor employer commitment, by ensuring that my employees receive the necessary information when dealing with human resources, benefits, etc., and employee engagement, by making sure that the team members are well equipped with whatever is needed to carry out job duties and also to give the the opportunity to work on a level that allows them to conduct assignments efficiently while making sound decisions. This will allow the team members to collaborate and have input in

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