The Four Types Of Plans Within Police Departments

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Question: List and individually discuss the four types of plans within police departments. Your answer should include a detailed discussion of 1) Administrative plans, 2) Procedural plans, 3) Organizational plans, and 4) Tactical plans. In your answer, first define and discuss the focus of each plan, the differences between plans, and then discuss the factors that help increase the effectiveness of each plan. Response: Police departments have to establish a plan and effectively make decisions, in order to ensure the proper function of the department. Establishing a plan allows the police department to analyze what needs to be done. A plan also helps the police department to develop objectives in order to produce the intended results and to evaluate the outcomes. According to Swanson, Territo & Taylor, organizations that have a formal and continuous planning process in place, have been known to perform better than organizations without an established planning process (Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, 2012). Planning is an important function of good decision making and management. Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, identified four different types of plans that exist within police departments. These plans include administrative, procedural, operational, and tactical (Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, 2012). This paper will discuss what each of the above-mentioned plans are (plan definitions), the focus of the plans, the differences between the plans, and the factors that help increase the
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