The Four Types Of Work Which Need Human Workers

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1.12 The four types of work which need human workers are 1.) Equipment maintenance 2.) Programming and computer operations 3.) Engineering project work 4.) Plant management 1.13 The USA principle is the approach to automate and process improvement projects using common sense in which U stands for Understand the existing process S stands for Simplify the process A stands for Automate the process. 1.16 The three phases of a typical automation migration strategy are 1st Phase- Manual production using single-station manned cells operating independently 2nd Phase- Automated production using single-station automated cells operating independently. 3rd Phase- Automated integrated production using a multi-station automated system with serial operations and automated transfer of work units between stations. 2.7 Hard product variety is the point at which the products vary significantly. In an assembled item, hard variety is portrayed by a low extent of basic parts among the items; much of the time, there are no regular parts. Soft product variety is the point where there are just little contrasts between items. There is a high extent of normal parts among collected items whose variety is delicate. 2.10 Single-model production line- A single-model production line is the one which produces products that are all identical. Mixed-model production line- A mixed-model production line is the one which produces products that have variations in model characterized as soft product variety. 2.11
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