The Fourth Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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The fourth amendment to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights, and was introduced to Congress by James Madison in 1789. The role of the Fourth Amendment is to prohibit unreasonable search and seizure and a warrant is to be required that is supported by probable cause. Even though the Amendment was introduced in 1789, it wasn’t adopted as an official amendment until 1792, because in December of 1791 three quarters of the states had ratified the amendment. The fourth amendment had a case law that dealt specifically with three different questions: “what government activities constitute “search” and “seizure”; what constitutes probable cause for the actions that was taken; and how violations of the Fourth Amendment rights should be addressed”. (Brady) Pros and cons is good and bad information you need to know about something. A person’s privacy is something that shouldn’t be played with in serious cases, so one of the pros for the Fourth Amendment is it protects the privacy of citizens. Another pro is that people’s property and valuables were protected from getting taken away, which is also known as “seizure”. Before the 4th amendment was legal citizens would get arrested for no reason or a crime they didn’t commit. So, the last but not least pro of the amendment is it protected citizens from unfair and or unwarranted arrest. The amendment didn’t really have that many cons, because it was passed to help the people in a positive way. One of the cons
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