The Fourth Irrational Belief Of The World

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One should recognize this and work to combat their philosophies. Irrational belief number six is that dangerous things should be constantly worried about. Intense anxiety prevents proper assessment of the dangers. When plausible, dangers should be faced to eradicate fears. The seventh irrational belief is that is is better to avoid life’s responsibilities and difficulties. On the contrary, facing these leads to a sense of achievement and an enjoyable existence. The eighth irrational belief is, one must depend on others in life, which is untrue because one must learn to be capable to survive individually. The ninth irrational belief is that one’s past defines their present. This belief hinders productive change. The tenth irrational belief is that one should be horrified by other’s disturbances; other’s people’s problems have little or nothing to do with another individual. Irrational belief number eleven is that there is a right and perfect solution to every problem. Perfection in this world has not been agreed on and searching for perfection limits possible solutions. Disputing the Basic Musts and demands in these irrational beliefs and turning the musts into simply preferences can help cure behavioral and emotional disturbances. The following should be disputed: false generalizations, unrealistic conclusions, non sequiturs, definitional statements, theological conclusions, self-defeating conclusions, secondary disturbance conclusions, hopelessness conclusions, and
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