The Fourth Law Of Money : You Need Help From Other People

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The Fourth Law of Money: You Need Help From Other People
By Roberto Lanzillotti | Submitted On July 31, 2012

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Expert Author Roberto Lanzillotti
It 's a myth: Wealthy people don 't become successful alone. They get help from other people. The secret is, if you attempt to do everything yourself you 'll fail. If you use other people, you 'll succeed.

Let 's say you want to develop an investment property. The idea is to lease it out for the rental income. The D.I.Y 'er will attempt to do everything.

They 'd probably learn how to design the property by taking a course in architecture. They 'd learn how to zone land and construct buildings. They 'd educate themselves on financing, tax, property management and tenant administration. They 'll try and absorb all the million and one other details required to get the property built and leased.

How would a wealth creator tackle the job?

The goal is to get the job done correctly and on time. So this person is likely to assemble a team of individuals who know what they are doing. You 'd find a qualified architect to draw up the plans, a builder, developer, financier, property manager and other…
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