The Fourth State Of Matter Summary

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The Fourth State of Matter Idea Critique
The Fourth State of Matter by Beard shows the emotional and mental state of people when they lose control of their lives. The coming together of three stories into one is remarkable and continues to support the view of confusion in life since no one can fully control it. The best thing to do most of the time is accept change and try as much as possible to enjoy life. Beard’s life seems to be going out of control, but through time and effort she realizes that she can take control of her emotional and mental state.
In this story, there is a dying dog which Beard refuses to euthanize. The dog is associated with her inability to let go of her husband and other loved ones. There is a family of squirrels living in her bedroom upstairs where she keeps things belonging to her almost ex-husband. These animals create problems by creating loud noises through the night. The squirrels represent her unstable state of mind over the relationships in her life. Lastly, there
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All these relationships appear perfect compared to hers. Chris consoles her after hearing about the separation with her husband. He says, “You’ll do fine” (Beard, 1996). Lack of sleep affects her concentration at work as shown by the drawings on the blackboard. She draws abstract images about her life instead of discussing astrophysics. In fact, she gets upset when someone erases the blackboard so that they can draw a celestial body. Her connection to Chris is another point that shows her strange state of mind. She talks about Chris and his family and seems envious. How she writes about Chris seems to hint that she wants more than just friendship but had to accept reality that it isn’t going to happen between the two of them. Her constant drinking of whiskey is also a sign of depression, which shows her current mental
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