The Fragments Of The Past

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Fragments of the Past It’s happening today. It’s bound to happen. Before you ask what is going to take place, I must say today is the day you’re going to find a strange box. You might ask, “Where?” or “How?” or even “Why are you telling me this nonsense?” I must answer with, “You decide where, when, and how you’re going to find the precious boxed artifact.” Will you find it in the attic or in the corner of the spacious basement? Will you dig it up in your backyard, underneath the scraggly, sunlit grass? I don’t know. It’s your fate. What can be inside this ancient, cracked box covered in layers of densely packed dust that obscured this box for centuries? You scrape away the dust to see the charred, maroon-clad lid embroidered with golden thread. You lift it gently. Your action reveals an old piece of parchment. It reads: “Dear reader. I’m not surprised you’ve found this letter. It has to be at least three or four centuries since I’ve written this, eh? I have managed to translate and modify this letter so it fits a more modern style of text. Anyway, this is an experiment called E#P295ML; it will reveal to you what exactly happens after one dies. Be careful not to expose this secret or the contents of this box to anyone. “You will find out whether I am a ghost, exploring the Earth aimlessly, ‘completely dead,’ my existence from the universe and beyond not present anymore, or if I have earned my own reincarnation as a plant, or another living thing. You will be told whether
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