The Frame Materials

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Frame materials Some of the materials that are used to make bicycle frames include Steel, Aluminium alloys, Titanium and Carbon fibre. Below is a brief description of Steel, Aluminium and Titanium in relation to bicycle frames. Thereafter is a more detailed study and comparison of each of the different properties of a bicycle frame under the candidate materials. This will provide the basis for choosing the best material for the job. Steel – Steel is the most ordinarily utilized material as a part of bicycle frame. They are solid, simple to work and generally low in cost, and heavier than numerous other structural materials. Steel frames are regularly assembled utilizing different sorts of steel alloys like chromoly. Chromoly is low in density, solid steel. The can be lasted through years of utilization when it resisted and shaped to remove the overabundance weight. Chromoly has a good flex. Aluminium- Aluminium has a lower density and lower strength compared with steel alloys. They, however, possess a better strength-to-weight ratio, giving them notable weight advantages over steel. Titanium – Titanium consolidates numerous characteristics. It has a high strength and it will not corrode that easily . The titanium frames can be developed with standard tube sizes if compared to the steel frame of last time because of the sensible stiffness of the Titanium. Carbon Fibre – Carbon fiber composite is an increasingly popular non-metallic material commonly used for bicycle
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