The Framers And The Constitution

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The Framers chose federalism because they had already tried confederalism under the Articles of Confederation and had found that it created a central government that was too weak to do what was needed. They also did not go with a unitary system because people did not trust a central government because the people had just become free from a centralized British government that was too oppressive. Also in choosing federalism it prevented against tyranny. The want to split the power of government so that no level of government could become too powerful was necessary. Other structures that they could have chosen from are anarchy (lawlessness), authoritarian (state authority), commonwealth (united by common good), communist (state plans and controls), confederacy (union of political units or states), dictatorship (single ruler with absolute power), ecclesiastical (government administrated by a church), monarchy (single absolute ruler with limited authority), oligarchy (group of individuals authority based on wealth or power), parliamentary government (government run by executive and legislature branches), socialism (planning, producing and distributing goods by a central government), and totalitarian (tyrannical).
As written by Chief Justice John Marshall on behave of unanimous opinion of the Court, Marshall stated first that “the Constitution gave Congress the power to make all laws necessary and proper to carry out the specific powers conferred on Congress in Article I, Section
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