The Framers Of The Constitution

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The Framers of the Constitution in 1787 believed the people weren’t intelligent enough to choose their own leader. They were concerned how informed their voters would be and decided that the president should be elected indirectly. Thus, the Electoral College was produced. The Electoral College, fundamentally, prohibits civilians from voting directly for the president. How does this work? First, the country holds the popular vote. Every adequate voter in every state gets one vote for the president. Then, it is passed to the electoral vote. Now, each state obtains at least three votes depending on the population of that state. In order to be declared president, the candidate must receive a majority of the votes. If no one acquires a majority of the votes, then the House of Representatives elects the president from the top three contenders. In which case, each state gets one vote. Therefore, is it time to get rid of the Electoral College? The answer is no; the process may not be equal, but it protects the country’s ideologies. The Electoral College should be kept because it keeps extremists in check, protects the federalist system, and settles the presidency. The Electoral College should not be abolished because it keeps extremists in line. According to McConnell, “The Electoral College was designed to promote good government and legislation” (Document C). The Founding Fathers fabricated the Electoral College because they believed it would provide a suitable government.

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