The Framework Of Related Concepts Within Nursing Essay

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Metaparadigm is the framework of related concepts in nursing theory. Concepts themselves can be statements or ideas. They can be empirical; observed, or experienced though the senses, or they can be abstract; not observable. (Masters, K., 2015). The four metaparadigm concepts in nursing are the person, the environment, health and nursing. It is a structure of intangible concepts of which many conceptual models have been developed. A conceptual model is the grouping of concepts into some meaningful way. Multiple theories in nursing have been built from these models to try and explain the practice of nursing. Each of the individual concepts affects and interacts with each other. (Masters, K., 2015)
The person or recipient of nursing care can be the actual patient or it may be the loved one or family of the individual. It is whoever is in need of the nursing care at that moment. It changes from moment to moment and can include all of those groups at the same time. As nurses, we see this often in cases of a new diagnosis, where the family requires a significant amount of attention and education. We also see it in end of life care, especially when family may not be ready to accept the outcome.
“The environment is the landscape and geography of human social experience, the setting or context of experience as everyday life and includes variations in space, time and quality.” (TCNJ, 2013). The setting not only includes the physical environment such as the hospital or
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