The Framework Pillars Of South University

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Since the beginning of nursing as a profession, Nightingale made us look at the environment as an integral part of the healing process. Many theorists after her expanded upon this aspect, none so adamantly as Martha E. Rogers. Rogers elaborates on the holistic approach with her conceptual model/theory. Rogers’ science of unitary human beings is an indispensable research tool that relates to all South University Framework Pillars. Its historical significance only validates its invaluable quality. Rogers’ ideas are still functional today through the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education professional core competencies, care plans, clinical application, current individualized healthcare, and healthcare of populations.
The five conceptual framework pillars of South University are caring, communication, critical thinking, professionalism and holism (South University, West Palm Beach [SUWPB], 2016). In order to provide optimal care, this framework must work as an interconnected system where each one plays a crucial role. The five major components must be integrated in every facet. For example, caring is one of the fundamental cores of nursing, which must be used along with communication, professionalism, the ability to use good critical thinking skills, and holism. Holism is what Rogers’ unitary model emphasizes upon. Rogers’ science of unitary human beings allows the pillars to be interdependent on each other. In a holistic model, holism encompasses the other pillars in that…
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