The Framework of Human Resource Management

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Introduction The essay will introduce the reader to the framework of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices that can help companies deal with sustainability, globalization and technology challenges. The essay is divided into 4 broad sections which are the four dimensions that form the framework of HRM practices. In each of the sections, there will be examples of HRM practices within each area. Managing the Human Resource Environment Noe et al (2010) mention that managing internal and external environment factors allow employees to make the greatest possible contribution to company productivity and competitiveness. This area of human resource management involves Strategic HRM Strategic HRM (SHRM) bridges business strategy and HRM…show more content…
Recruiting and Selection Stone (2008) mention that recruitment is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of qualified candidates for job vacancy. According to Ulrich and Brockbank (2005), in order to expand the candidate pool, the company has to build an internet hiring strategy, target potential employees and use referral hiring. Training Training is a planned effort to facilitate learning of job-related knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to carry out their jobs with a present or near-future time-frame. Assessment and Development of Human Resources To ensure employees equips with the required skill to perform current and future work roles, an effective line manager have to be aware of issues involved in determining best methods. A good manager also needs to be able to motivates, providing performance feedback to employee as well as take action based on causes of poor performance. This area of human resource is Performance Management Performance Management operates on strategic and administrative function. Through performance measurement system, managers ensure that employee activities and outputs are congruent with the organizational goals. Development Acquisition of knowledge, skills and behaviours that improve an employee’s ability
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