The Franchise Owners

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This proves the point that the franchise(s) must constantly be aware of what is happening within its territory. The next case, which is also still going through the system, concerns itself with the supposed abuse of four franchise owners by 7-Eleven’s main office. The four franchise owners are Indians who felt that they were being labeled incorrectly. When they had informed the main office of their supposed mistake, 7-Eleven had labeled them as “Independent Contractors” based on the degree of control SEI exercised over store operations, including regulation of vendors and product supply, franchise payroll processing, control over franchising, bookkeeping and accounting, and alleged intense daily oversight by SEI market and zone managers. Aside from the title argument, everything which the four defendants mentioned in their legal document is actually what was presented to them prior to their signing of the franchise agreement. Franchises are in the business to create a profit by letting other people help in the process of that particular profit making. All of the rules and regulations are presented to the individual or individuals before they have to sign so they can see what they are getting into. Adhering to said regulations and practices is somewhat easy because the franchise gives the beginners programs in which every aspect of the business is explained, such as the accounting and bookkeeping methods that said company uses. The last case that I will present
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