The Franco Prussian War Of 1871

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weeks. The Franco-Prussian war of 1871 was decisively won by the Prussians, who despite their smaller numbers, use more advanced equipment and tactics to overwhelm the poorly trained yet numerous French troops. The war ended with Prussian troops marching into Paris, for the seventh time in History (and not the last time mind you). Bavaria, Baden and Württemberg, all of which were Pro-French German speaking states were forcibly assimilated by Bismarck into the Northern German Confederation in the Treaty of Frankfurt in mid-1871. Bismarck then took the honour of proclaiming the then King Wilhelm I, Kaiser Wilhelm I, the first Kaiser of the newly formed German Empire in late 1871, who was the leader of a united, single nation Germany for the first time. Napoleon III dissolved the French Empire and a new Republic was formed, the Third Republic in French History, under Adolphe Thiers.

Late Political Career

Thiers. Bismarck was instated by Kaiser Wilhelm I as the First Chancellor of the German Reich, a position which made him the second most powerful man in Germany, after the Kaiser. Kaiser Wilhelm often sought Bismarck’s expert opinion on most matters, so some would argue Bismarck was ultimately the most influential figure in Wilhelm I regime. In 1875, a French Monarchist movement was gaining popularity, and promised to rebuild France’s army after the crushing defeat of 1871 in the Franco-Prussian war. Bismarck hoped to isolate this Monarchist movement by pressuring
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