The Fraser Island in Australia

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Fraser Island is a popular tourist attraction in Australian just 300km north of Brisbane and only 15 km of the coast of Hervey Bay. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is world heritage listed. The island is around 120km long and cover a significant area of 1,840km2 Fraser Island is known for its spectacular long white beaches, sand cliffs, rain forests and a number of freshwater lakes that are crystal clear. The indigenous people of Fraser Island are the Butchulla people or their traditional name K'gari. However due to the European settlement many of the traditions and the way of life the aboriginals live were destroyed either intentionally or through plain ignorance. The Butchulla people were governed by a Council of Elders and of course the generations and generations of traditions that have been passed down. The council included a number of mature men, but only the elders had voting rights. The council of elders were responsible for allowing visitors into their tribal lands, they gave them permission to enter and told them when they had to leave. The Council made sure all rules (social and environmental) were met and was responsible for the totem system. The totem system was when each member of the tribe was given a totem that represented a plant or animal. You were not allowed to eat, harm or hunt your totem or your family's totem. The only exception was during war, unique ceremonies or when you crossed into non-tribal lands. The totem system
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