The Fraud By Dan Jackson

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The Fraud Dan Jackson, vice president of NyTell USA’s IT department, managed to defraud the telecommunications company of $1.5 million, with the help of his friend, Jake Marshall (Bloch, 2015a). Dan’s youth was gloomy and austere, dominated by his oppressive father. Twenty years after his death, Dan’s life had completely turned around. He was married with children, lived in an expensive house, wore a Rolex and designer suits, and frequently took expensive vacations. He also had a mistress (Bloch, 2015a). Jake, an ex-army field engineer, had tried his hand at various unsuccessful entrepreneurial endeavors before he met Dan at a telecom convention. There, they concocted a plan to embezzle funds that NyTell was budgeting for a massive data…show more content…
Dan felt that it was important to maintain an executive persona with his co-workers, thus necessitating the expensive clothing (Bloch, 2015a). He was also growing nervous with his recent promotion to vice-president of IT. The greater responsibility and increasing technological complexities made him wonder if he would be able to keep on top of his duties (Bloch, 2015a). As well as his work-related pressures, Dan maintained an expensive extra-marital relationship. He took her on private weekend trips, and payed for her to live in a condominium near his house (Bloch, 2015b). Finally, there were other pressures that he encountered as a result of his family. His children were enrolled in private school, his wife wanted to renovate their house, and Dan was haunted by the notion that he had to live up to his father’s expectations – even though he was dead (Bloch, 2015a). Jake’s pressures were purely financial. Over the course of twelve years, he ran several unsuccessful companies (Bloch, 2015a). It is likely that his failed business endeavors left him financially destitute and in debt. Such a situation would increase his likelihood of engaging in fraudulent activity (Albrecht, et al.,2012, p. 36). Perceived Opportunity Dan recognized opportunities to embezzle funds from NyTell. While there were
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