The Fraud Prevention And Detection Softwares

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While researching different fraud prevention and detection softwares, I found that Arbutus Software has one on the highest ratings according to . Their average ratings for overall were 4.5 stars out of a five star range. They received a 4.5 star rating for ease of use and a five star rating for customer service.While visiting the home site for this software I found a large amount of background information about this history, development, and advantages of this software. This software was developed by Grant Bodie who has over 30 years of development and management experience in data access and audit analytics. Grant is a pioneer in the audit analytics field. As founder and software architect of ACL Services Ltd until 2003, he defined audit analytics for most users. Grant is also a Chartered Accountant and prior to ACL spent 12 years in the Deloitte organization, specializing in audit analytics. His passion for customer-driven product development has enabled Arbutus to continue to define the state of the art in audit analytics capabilities. Arbutus ' proven and powerful analytics support a broad range of auditors and other professionals. Fraud detection software such as Arbutus Fraud Detection is an ideal tool for auditors and forensic accountants to examine large volumes of transactional data so they can detect and prevent corporate fraud. Fraud detection software is specifically designed to test and compare all types of organizational data (e.g., financial,
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