The Free, Home Of The Brave

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America. The land of the free, home of the brave. We take pride in having freedom and justice for all. Our government makes laws that we, as citizens, have to follow if we do not follow them, we get punished. Sometimes the punishment is stretched out to the severest of possibilities to prove a point to other offenders, other times the punishment is not as severe. We have this system so our country can keep the peace at home. The justice system is a little messed up. We punish murderers by putting them on death row and killing them. The law says that it is wrong for people on the street to kill other human beings but somehow it is okay to kill someone because that person committed an unforgivable crime inside of a prison. I believe that the punishment is more effective if the offender is just locked away for the rest of their life without the possibility of parole. Death is an easy escape from their wrongdoings, but put a murderer/ sex offender inside the prison population, they will get the same, if not worse treatment from the other inmates than their victims. The death penalty has been around since the beginning of history, as time passed, so did the methods of how the convicted criminal was punished to the fullest extent. The National Post listed different ways capital punishment was performed; “hanging, shooting, electric chair, and gas chamber”. James Welsh said,” the role of doctors involved in capital punishment became apparent after 1789.” For almost two
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