The Freedmen 's Bureau

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Chapter 14 Summative Paper Contreras, Jacob - HOUR 4

1. A) Describe the Freedmen’s Bureau, especially what its purpose was. B) Explain how Andrew Johnson became President of the United States.

After the Civil War, Congress and the president set up a new government agency to help former freedmen. This new government agency was called by the name of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The Freedmen 's Bureau also was an agency to help former slaves adjust to freedom after the 13th Amendment ended slavery. Their purpose for running this agency was to give out clothes, foods, and medicines, which reduced the death rate of many African Americans. They also did many other things like create schools for African Americans, like Atlanta University, Howard University, and Fisk University. The Freedmen’s Bureau also was able to give African Americans their own land to be able to support their families. The new government agency was able to help many African Americans to be able to succeed in life and give them a better life.
Abraham Lincoln was the current president at this time, until he was assassinated. Lincoln and his wife, were at a theater in Washington D.C. During the play a Southern sympathizer by the name of John Wilkes Booth, snuck up behind Lincoln and shot him in the head, after he shot Lincoln he jumped down onto the theater and broke his leg. While on the stage he gave a speech, and then moments later he took off out of the theater. Abraham Lincoln was rushed to the hospital…
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