The Freedom And Freedom Of Expression

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What drives immigrants to endure the perilous journey to the United States is precious freedom, and the chance of living the American dream. More commonly parents bring their children in hope for a greater standard of life. Undoubtedly there are better education opportunities that correspond directly to better job opportunities. In other cases immigrants are seeking asylum from war-torn countries just trying to escape death by any means necessary. Extreme poverty is an epidemic in foreign countries and unfortunately those residing poverty are forced to accept life, or strive for a new one. Foreign medical institutions may not be capable to treat illnesses whereas in the United States, advanced medical technology is in abundance.…show more content…
Another misconception is that illegal immigrants are all criminals that should be deported to ensure the safety of all citizens. While being unauthorized is technically a crime itself, out of 11 million unauthorized immigrants 820,000 have been convicted of a crime and 300,000 have been convicted of a felony (Yee, Davis, Patel). Simplification of the whole path needs to be worked out in order to grant permanent status to applicants in an expedited manner. Opposed to filing multiple times for one end goal, a packet containing all necessary documents should be filed initially and grant temporary residency. Once the initial packed is submitted and reviewed a second packed could be submitted showing work history, tax statements, and a final background check before granting citizenship. A two packet process would designate a specific department employees to overlook applications on a case by case basis based on the application status. Two different departments specified for one part of the application would allow for a smoother and more efficient processing. Dividing an agency that is located throughout the United states seems impossible on the contrary, designating two departments in each location is as simple as training two different types of workers for a different “product”. Businesses are not solely dedicated to one type of work, multiple branches doing different types of work in each company are dedicated to supporting

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