The Freedom And Freedom Of The United States Of America

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Americans, in this rightfully proud nation of The United States of America, have freedom and liberty set amongst the highest of our ideals. Generations were born and raised in this country. They were taught to always respect and cherish the rights and liberties given to us, the people, that were earned and are still being bravely defended to this day. Our rights were earned and are defended by our courageous, gun wielding soldiers. Currently, in this turbulent time of politics in our nation, many of our rights and privileges are being aimed at for attack and infringement. In this case, particularly, it is the American citizen 's right to bear arms. This right must be protected and preserved for the sake of the people of America and the country itself. U.S. citizens should be allowed to bear arms because they are an incredibly useful tool for self-defense, the second amendment protects the right to bear arms, and they are an absolute necessity for hunters. The most important, most fundamental reason for an American citizen to own a lethal fire arm, is conclusively for the sake of self-defense. It has been shown that in the overwhelming majority of aggressive cases between a violent criminal and an armed citizen, that the criminal either flees or surrenders. Naturally, a criminal would not attack someone who is armed; gun free zones like schools and malls are much more attractive places for committing mass murders, as history shows. Gary Gleck, a criminologist and…
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