The Freedom Of School Choice Essay

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In a nation founded upon freedom, the liberty to choose the institution from which you get your education should be a greater concern in Pennsylvania. Our nation has prided itself upon its legacy of liberty, as well as the many opportunities it has been able to provide for its citizens. And yet our government has been continuously denying us one very important freedom that all in America should have, the freedom of school choice. You would think that more people would be concerned with this infringement upon human rights. While our government is striving to give more “freedom” to homosexuals who desire marriage and to women who do not want to deal with the human being that they helped to create, it is ignoring or suppressing the cries for liberty from those who desire the religious freedom to educate their children in the way they believe they should be educated. Because of the support that the government gives public schools using tax dollars and government subsidies, parents find it too difficult financially to place their children in religious private schools, secular private schools, or even charter schools. Also, the government has arranged public schools in such a way as to make it difficult for parents to put their children in a school that meets their standards of education. Many public schools are dropping their academic standards as well as losing their ethical standards altogether. Thus many parents do not want to put their children in a school where they do not
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