From Oppression To Opinions Essay

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From Oppression to Opinions The United States of America is a democratic society in which people are encouraged to have a voice through various outlets. We are share our opinion on various political topics through debates and quizzes. The way of advocating our opinion, and the platform in which it stands, has changed dramatically since the Europeans came to the United States. There are various ways for one to express opinions, although they do come with downsides that include lack of education and understanding how our system works.
In comparison to other countries, what seems like little effort can be an empowering movement. Some countries such as Pakistan have little to no voting rights. Malala Yousafzai was attacked in 2012 for
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When it comes to important topics, it can feel that others are being repetitive. This is because the issues are constantly spoken about, but there is no one taking the necessary action. One might say that voicing an opinion does not cause the action to begin. The opinion can, however, engage a large audience that will in return cause a louder and much more powerful voice such as Malala. It is important that to look to people like Malala to remind ourselves of the privileges we have and the power of our voices. Sometimes it takes a powerful movement to awaken the minds of us who do not face these challenges.

Where Opinions Are Born
Opinions are a personal judgement that you cannot control. Usually, it is a feeling someone has based on facts or other opinions. They can be changed, swayed, and even retained for a long time. According to American Politics Today (APT), opinions derive from your background. For example, the APT states, “Theories of political socialization show that many people’s political opinions start with what they learned from their parents and surrounding their culture.” It can be observed that a large part of our identity is not entirely unique. It is easy to base morals, values, and opinions based off of information we have heard before. Alas, we need something to base our opinions from. The APT also points out that people learn politics from people who are around them. If we base our
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