The Freedom Of Speech And The Internet

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Lastly, the plan contains a plethora of new regulations that will dampen investment and innovation for a faster, newer broadband networks and infrastructures. This will, in turn, slow down internet speed (Kerpen 2). However, the internet as a public utility will keep current internet providers from slowing or blocking internet traffic and will help maintain a free, open internet that respects the First Amendment, the freedom of speech. (Bedard 1 - 2 ) This internet openness that is expected to come with the implementation of President Obama’s plan is better known as the FCC’s Open Internet Rule or Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality will allow internet users to go when and where they want with unlimited access to legal content on the internet without broadband providers being allowed to block, prohibit, impair, or establish fast or slow lanes to this material. This is to protect, as stated above, every United States citizen’s right to freedom of speech and expression of personal beliefs and interests. The rules set forth by Net Neutrality are no blocking, an internet provider cannot block access to lawful digital content; no throttling, an internet provider cannot impair service based on content, applications, etc. that the user is trying to access; no paid prioritization, internet providers cannot differentiate or favor internet traffic in exchange for money. (Open Internet 1) The second major issue concerning tax and the internet is the collection of sales tax through online
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