The Freedom Of Speech By The Bill Of Rights

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While reading the chapter, The Law, I learned more about the amendments and what the ones mainly pertaining to criminal justice actually meant. The First, Fourth, Fifth,Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment all provide a foundation for our criminal justice system. There are also many particular protections in The Bill of Rights. The First Amendment has many different clauses that make it up and I would say that it is the most important out of the Amendments in regards to the criminal justice system. First of all, the Establishment Clause ensures the individuals from the administration so they can practice free decision of religion. It keeps the United States from creating a national religion furthermore keeps the administration from advertising one religion over an alternate(Fagin, 2014). The Free Exercise Clause denies the government from meddling with the act of any religion, including particular ceremonies, requests to God, practices, and convictions(Fagin, 2014). The Freedom of Speech says we are allowed to say or compose whatever we wish, the length of we don 't make an outlandish hazard or place others in harm 's way. Flexibility of discourse augments past verbal and composed correspondence to different types of declaration like symbolic speech. Mottos on crusade catches, challenge signs, guard stickers, and even boards are viewed as an authoritative document of statement which is protected under our Constitution. The importance of a free press an energetic and
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