The Freedom Of Speech By The Paparazzi

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The lives of celebrities are constantly being exposed by the paparazzi on a daily basis. These celebrities fearing that their privacy has been invaded often threaten legal action against the media personnel or engage in physical violence. However, the paparazzi often faced no punishment or charges for their behavior. The first amendment right guarantees the freedom of speech which the paparazzi use to justify their behavior of invading the personal lives of these popular individuals. The current privacy laws enforced are Intrusion upon seclusion, Appropriation of Name or Likeness, Publicity of private Facts and false light often aid these celebrities in a private setting, but fails to protect them in public, leaving them defenseless. Lastly, the defensives frequently used by the media are newsgathering and newsworthiness which releases them of much of the charges brought against them. What does the phrase paparazzi mean? Nordhaus describes them as “a freelance photographer esp. one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication” (286). However, many can argue that the paparazzi go beyond this scope of definition as they are aggressive and highly determine to get videos and photos using whatever means necessary. They take measures too far as they stalk and snoop into the lives of innocent individuals trying to buy coffee or simply going on vacation. Furthermore, the paparazzi targets celebrities that the public is interested in. The public…

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