The Freedom Of The United States Of America

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Freedom. Few would argue that the best place to experience freedom is in the United States of America. But where is the fine line between freedom and responsibility? Should everyone have freedom to be irresponsible? The USA’s founding fathers formed a constitutional republic for a responsible people to decide upon what ought to be done. Voters elect representatives who then make policies that (hopefully) are in accordance with the United States Constitution. This important document has been amended many times to expand voting rights to citizens. What if it were made to restrict them?
As outrageous as the proposition looks, it may be time to seriously consider it. Ideally, our elections will work out because every citizens’ voice is supposedly heard and considered regardless of their varying backgrounds. Realistically speaking, it can serve as a hindrance to a country considering that not all voices are equally informed. For those who care enough about their government and its politics to be informed, it can be quite disheartening to see how others with little interest in their country’s politics are able to cancel out the knowledgeable voter on a whim.
Americans are getting increasingly dissatisfied with the direction their country is headed right now. Gallup published a poll on September 12, 2014 which found that 76% in America are dissatisfied with the direction the country is headed in; with roughly 45% stating they are very dissatisfied (Saad). Hardly anyone is ever…
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