The Freedom Riders

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AAAA XXXX Ms. VVVV English BBB Period N 18 March 2013 Freedom Riders Backlash The Freedom Riders strive through a journey of hardships to have their point accepted by others, which was bus desegregation. Through the journey the Freedom Rides took some obstacles that affected them physically and mentally. They fought threw times like the downfalls that their movement brought and the mobs that greeted them in every state. The mobs were verbally and physically violent towards the Freedom Riders more than a few times while their movement went on. The Freedom Riders went through a devastating downfall through their movement. In May of 1961, the Greyhound carried the Freedom Riders into South Carolina where, like Carson’s article…show more content…
In another article, MLKJ, the author claims , “Aniston local authorities had given permission to the Ku Klux Klan to strike against the Freedom Riders without fear.” (MLKJ 1). The KKK ambushed the buses without fear of becoming arrested. Their hope was to stop other young civilians from joining the Freedom Riders. This is similar to what it states in “MLKJ”, it states that, “One of the buses was firebombed and its fleeing passengers were forced into the angry white mob.” (MLKJ) The Klan tortured them while police and others stood aside and allowed the Klan to have their time. The movement from southern state to southern state included several beatings and many severe injuries. According to Tamika Thompsons, “The activists risked their lives in a nonviolent and brilliant series of actions that were met with violence and brutal attacks.” (Riding for Freedom 1). She was referring to the Freedom Riders. They came up with the idea of standing up for their principles instead of life. In Carmichael Stokley “Freedom Rides”, he discussed how a black man stood up for another black man named James Zwerg and took all his beatings. James Zwerg still went to the hospital unconscious but not knowing if the man who stood up for him survived. (Stokley 3). The Freedom Riders were willing to accept death and keep going until they are able to ride anywhere in the South. The Freedom Riders had to endure terrifying bus rides, during their protest against bus

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