The Freedom Riders Essay

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A group of people risked their life to obtain equality for African Americans in the south. The Freedom Riders were a group of around 13 people. Most of them were African Americans but there were always a few white skinned people in the group as well. There was no set leader for the Freedom Riders. The Freedom Riders rode interstate buses into the Southern United States. The south was referred to as the most segregated part of the U.S. The main goal of the Freedom Riders was to desegregate and become “separate but equal.” They had also set out to defy the Jim Crow Laws. The Freedom Riders had a little bit of help from two court cases: Irene Morgan v. Commonwealth of Virginia and Boynton v. Virginia. These court cases ruled that it was…show more content…
They were arrested and found guilty in three different court appearances. In the Wichita and Oklahoma City Sit some sat in at a lunch counter and some sat in at a drug store called Dockum Drugs. Sit ins left some of the Freedom Riders severely injured one Rider Jim Peck left the hospital with 53 stitches. The White people who weren’t associated with the Freedom Riders hated their actions and beat them until they were almost dead. Jim Peck was extremely lucky to get out alive. Just because they were beat up, wounded, and tattered they didn’t give up because it meant so much to them to become equal. Sit ins were extremely successful in a way where they caused widespread diffusion of integrating public places. Some sit INS were so dramatic every place around them got rid of segregation. The Nashville and Greensboro sit ins launched a wave of anti segregation sit ins across the South and opened a national awareness of segregation. After most sit ins the place became integrated. Sit ins were very successful in integrating the south. The Freedom Riders used another tactic of nonviolent protests. The Freedom Riders on their bus just sat there and they counted on the racists to provoke a reaction. CORE Director James Famer said: “We felt we could count on the racists of the south to create a crisis so that the federal government would be so compelled to enforce the law.” The Riders began facing little resistance. “You didn't know what you were going to encounter. You

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