The Freedom Riders : The Law Of Segregation For Public Transportation Essay

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The Freedom Riders were a group of civil rights activists who wanted to test the law of segregation for public transportation. The group of riders were interracial, male and female, and consisted of students, leaders, and organizations who wanted to fight for civil rights. In 1960, the Supreme Court ruled segregation in interstate travel as unconstitutional, therefore these activists set out to test this law. Throughout 1961, the Freedom Riders rode buses into the deep southern states, which happened to be the most segregated. They wanted to see how the townspeople would react, by accepted or declining the new law. The results were terrifying and brutal, white mobs would chase the riders out, beating them, and forcing them to fear for their lives. The riders were ignored, after all the beatings, threats, and arrests, they still never backed down. They stood up for each other and their rights, which lead to their victory of desegregating transportation along with other public facilities, schools, and restaurants. These strong men and women define bravery, they have made a glorifying impact on society and have allowed equal rights to expand beyond belief, although nothing will ever change the struggles these riders went through. This research will deeply explain only some of the hardships the Freedom Riders dealt with, as well as the brutality they faced. It will continue to explain how African Americans are still facing racial profiling, and prejudice acts daily.

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