The Freedom of Speech Essay

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A long, long time ago our fore fathers sat down and drafted the most influential document of our lives as Americans, The Constitution. In this historical guideline for a free society the first Amendment deals with what they thought was a main need in our society that did not necessarily exist in other cultures at that time. This main need was free speech. Since this document was put into place, the issue of free speech has been heatedly debated among the common public, big business, and worldwide industries. The government has always been the moderator in cases dealing with free speech, much like when the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) fought diligently to get the government to mandate warning labels on media containing adult …show more content…
In the FCC’s definition of what is indecent it states,” ….anything described in a patently offensive way, and lacking serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific is considered obscene and indecent.” While there is obvious violence and profanity in this movie it can be described anyway else. It’s a movie about war how can violence and profanity be edited without keeping the integrity of the creative work as a whole.
“If we put Big Brother in charge of deciding what is art and what is free speech, we would see self- and actual- censorship rise to new and undesirable heights.” says Rep. Jan Schakowsky. (CNN 1) Rated – R movies aren’t the only programs that broadcasters are getting scared away from playing. The Oscars this year got the worst ratings they ever had in history simply because they were not entertaining and it appeared too pre-programmed. The lack of spontaneity and abundance of predictability just proved that the American public wants something to entertain them and not bore them to tears. Yes, the FCC does rely on viewer complaints but according to Sean P. Means of the Salt Lake Tribune,” the complaint process has been hijacked by the Parents Television Council, which is a right wing organization whose members Spam the FCC with complaints through e-mail…… out of the million plus complaints last year, 99.9% were from the PTC.” (Means 2) The thought that one group

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