The French American Alliance And Connection Is One That

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The French American alliance and connection is one that has existed since the founding of the United States of America. The French lent their support to the American Patriots in the form of supplies and weapons until they gained full independence from Great Britain. There were even many French notables directly involved within the Revolutionary War such as Lafayette and Pierre Charles L’Enfant who legitimized the idea of the revolution in Europe(1). The French also gained a lot from their alliance, as they not only took inspiration from the American Revolution and Constitution, and completely restructured their government and society shortly afterwards. Both countries wanted more rights, equal representation, and more comprehensive…show more content…
In other words, it is the way that votes are translated into seats in parliament or other areas of government such as presidency (3). It is from here, where the differences in political systems between the United States and France begin to form. In the history of the 20th century there are basically three types of established democratic regimes; presidential, parliamentary and a mix of both. Though France is semi-presidential and America only presidential, they both work best for their respective socio-political contexts.
Historically, France has had a much harder and rockier road to established democracy than America. France’s government has been through many phases characterized as the Five Republics. The constitution of the Fifth Republic (which is in place today) was drawn up several weeks after Gen. Charles de Gaulle was invested as the last prime minister of the Fourth Republic. The new constitution, which was adopted by an 80 percent vote in a popular referendum held in September 1958, was tailor made for de Gaulle. It contained much of what the past four republics had such as both a president and prime minister, as well as a bicameral legislature in the form of the National Assembly and the Senate(4). It is important to note here that France has both a president and a prime minister thus making the Head of Government and Chief of Staff two separate roles, respectively. This is what makes France a semi-presidential system
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