The French And Indian War

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Many wars were fought between the English and the French. The French and Indian War was an important factor in the writing of the Declaration of Independence. The war was very costly for the British. After the war ended the British thought of ways to gain money from the colonists to help replenish funds lost from the war. This usually was in the form of taxes. The colonists were not happy with the British government and made their feelings and opinions known. The colonists wanted their freedom and independence from England. As time passed the colonists began to show their rebellion towards the British. There were many acts that the British thought would bring good news for the colonists but that proved to be far from the truth. Tensions were high and emotions ran strong between the two. The Declaration of Independence was inevitable (“Declaration of Independence,”). The French and Indian War began in 1754 and lasted until 1763. It was also known as the seven year war. This war was between England, with the help of the colonies and the French, and some American Indians. This war was a continuation of a series of wars between the French and British in North America. The British spent large amounts of money on supplies and providing troops for the war. In the beginning of the war the French defeated the British many times and did not change until in 1756, when William Pitt became the British Secretary of State. The British began to send more supplies which led to the capture

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