The French Connection Essay

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The French Connection

Daniel Cabezas

CJ 101, Introduction to Criminal Justice
Adrian Bordoni
October 14, 2010

The French Connection
New York City Cops The NYPD is one of the finest law enforcements when it comes to containing drugs, except one, heroin. The business of drugs exponentially grows to new heights every year. Around the early 70’s, heroine was being brought over to the united states at very high rates. New York City was a famous shipping ground for heroine, which made times tough for the law enforcement. At one point in history a person could find all sorts of dirty businesses in New York, whether it’s pimping, selling drugs or other malicious crimes. There are many famous mobsters that contributed to the drug
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3. How much time do I have to execute this before the cops find out?
In the 70’s before there was much technology to help and crack down these major dealers, the police would have to deal with it by purely just evidence.
These cases always have to be dealt with patience. Buddy and Popeye tail a Lincoln that eventually parks on a side street. Just like in real life they wait and wait to see if anything occurs and surely does, at 4:10 A.M they both catch two thieves trying to strip the Lincoln. The Lincoln is towed back to a garage where it is searched for evidence or in this case drugs.
They search everywhere from the trunk, under the hood and in the seating but come up empty. They start to get a bit impatient but do not give up and eventually do find the drugs. It turned out to be in the car’s rocker panels underneath the doors. From this they have all the evidence they need to put these mobsters in prison once and for all. As in reality a big case such as this will never be solved in a couple of days, it could take weeks, months or even years.
The French Connection is one of the most realistic police movies that I have ever seen and teaches a lot about cops. There are some stereotypes as Popeye who plays the tough cop role and at times could be racist, while his partner buddy is the more patient and quiet one than his loud and obnoxious partner. It’s a common formula seen in other police movies. This
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