The French Economy Essay

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France Economic Conditions- France is widely known as having one of the most consistently stable and developed economies in the world. France takes membership among the G8 group which is comprised of the world's most industrialized countries. In the Fortune Global 500 which ranks countries by revenue, France places 1st in Europe and 4th in the world. The French economy is the 5th most expansive in the world and the second most expansive among European countries. France implements the system of a mixed economy which combines privately owned businesses with a great deal of government intervention and government enterprise. Political Environment - France operates as a unitary Republic with especially pronounced roots in democracy. The…show more content…
France has largely been dominated by Roman Catholicism for over 1,000 years, yet the number of Catholics in France has been on the decline over the past few decades. Recently a survey revealed that 64% of French citizens hold themselves to be Catholic, buy only a mere 4.5% claim to attend mass weekly. The population of atheists and agnostics has been rising with them now making up over a fourth of the population. There has also been a steady stream of Muslims into the country, pushing Islamic culture further within France. Specific Cultural Differences- The culture in France tends to be a much more tolerant one than America and the rest of the world with many citizens holding a largely liberal viewpoint of the world. France has significantly different views on politics then Americans as France has higher taxes yet a wealth of government programs which include free healthcare and free schooling. France also places a high priority on the arts with a cultural tradition deeply rooted in all forms of the humanities. Specific Cultural Similarities- Like America, the majority of the French population are classified as religious people. There has been a growing influence of American culture with France as seen through the rising trend of obesity in France which owes itself to the widespread popularization of fast food restaurants in French cities. In a more positive light, France shares a similar passion for human rights with America
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