The French Horn Section

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During Senior year’s marching season, I was given two leadership positions. Section leader of the french horn section as well as Hornline Captain for the whole entire wind ensemble. I had many responsibilities and obligations to fill with both positions. With time,patience, and much failure I was able to rise to the challenge. At first I could barely project my voice for the entire hornline to hear, I was always self conscious and afraid of messing up. My public speaking skills were questionable at best and my fear of messing up in front of everyone made them even worse. Dealing with my eight person section(including myself) wasn’t as taxing but relaying instructions effectively was my biggest problem. Teaching new material as well as…show more content…
Trying to find balance between those two, maintaining my ability to perform and lead others, and effectively getting things done was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in life. Having the pressure put on myself daily gave me insight into the future. Through the small productive task the band was taking daily I could see problem spots or potential unproductive actions quickly and maintain progress. At home, when practice was over, I would research, study, and read all about leadership skills as well as personal relations. I learned from many of peers that a leader even with great skill will accomplish nothing if they don’t learn to respect, inspire, and influence those around them. Having the built reference experiences and seeing many different approaches of leadership I cherished every single principal I was able to learn. In the end, I did not become the perfect leader or the leader with the most talent, but I was able to empower my peers to push through the pain of the season and influence them to stick to the repetition need to build a great skill. The band finished third place overall becoming bronze medalist in Class 5A but won first place in the music category. This is the best the band has ever been and the highest place the band has finished in. My hopes and dreams for the members in band after this year is to continue to grow and perform to the best of their ability. I valued everything I was able to take
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