The French Immigration in the United States and Their Contribution to This Country.

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This assignment encouraged me to inquire into the historic significance the French immigrants had upon the United States. I would like to develop this aspect starting with the early French settlements and terminate by discussing their contributions to the United States. The United States is an immense country, with many residents and citizens descending from immigrants who have influenced many customs, traditions, behaviors and ways of life. Unlike many old world nations, the United States does not have a homogenous population or a traditional homeland. However, American culture can be interpreted as being largely based in Western Europe with influences from the Native Indians, Africans, Asians, and elsewhere. The love story…show more content…
They began to trade with Indians which established fur-trading posts (see sources # 1, 2, 3, 4, 14). In the 1600s the men who came were not permanent settlers or empire-builders; they were explorers and adventures. Among them are Jean Nicolet, Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette who explored the land by the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley. Thousands of other men and women followed the French trailblazers into the Ohio Valley, the Mississippi Valley and, the regions by the Great lakes, finding a place for themselves in the New World. Sieur de La Salle, who is buried just west of Alto, and Robert Cavelier remained two of the greatest explorers of all time who gave form and substance to New France. In a series of explorations, La Salle, who has been called the Prince of Explorers found Ohio, traveled down to the Mississippi river, then to the Gulf of Mexico. Here, on the stands of the Gulf, he took possession of all the lands drained by the Mississippi in the name of the King of France. In honor to his king, Louis XIV, he named the territory Louisiana. The story of New Orleans, the Paris of America, belongs to the early settlers of New France because this city was founded by the French from Québec in 1718. The early settlers lived on the Mississippi river front in a fortified square called the Vieux Carré- the "Old Square." It is now known as the French Quarter of the city and
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