The French Music

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Other exiled composers, on the other hand, flourished during these years. Multiple symphonies, chamber music pieces, and other works were written during this time. Composers expressed this period of writing as a transformation, but also risky and inventive. Stravinsky, who traveled to the United States at the start of the war, saw one of the most productive and yet grounding periods of his writing career. Stravinsky found himself in a conservative environment, which in return, may have lead to his consolidated style in Petroushka and other writings of this time.
Another scene that did fairly well during the war was the state of French Music. One major change was the location. Due to war efforts in Paris, most of the French music scene, including the French Orchestra was moved to Rennes, France. The financial support during this switch, however, surprisingly increased and so did the amount of patrons at to their performances. Money intake increased four hundred and fifty-nine percent while concert frequency and regularity also increased. Why the sudden increase in activity? Many believe it may be to due a certain mentality and psychology that people “want to get away from the obsessions of the present time,” understandably referring to the exhausting and troubling times of the war. A few downsides to this rather successful scene, however, stemmed from the Nazi power and their regulations on censorship. One guideline of the music in Europe was the banning of degenerate…
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