The French Occupation Of Spain During The Peninsular War

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Francisco Goya was a Spanish painter and printmaker, especially known for his works depicting and commenting on the horrors of the French Occupation of Spain during the Peninsular War, in the early 1800’s. ‘The Third of May’, an oil on canvas painting created in 1814 by Goya, illustrates the mass executions of innocent Spanish civilians, in response to the uprising of civilians against the French military the previous day. ‘Saturn Devouring his son’, another oil on canvas masterpiece by Goya, depicts the mythological, gruesome figure of the god Saturn, who, based upon the fear of a prophecy, ate each one of his own children. ‘The Third of May’ depicts a pitch black sky, looming over crowds of people below, dimly lit by geometric lanterns nearby. The focus of the scene involves two separate groups - the faceless, practically identical French military, aiming their guns towards the direction of a group of petrified civilians, making various different positions. Around the civilians are lifeless bodies, coated in their own blood. As many of the civilians turn away, one figure is prominent in the centre. The man’s arms are outstretched in a seemingly surrendering manner, as he kneels upon the ground, waiting to be shot. Unlike the other people, whose clothes are a sea of dark blues, greens and browns, the man wears bright white and yellow clothing, emphasised through the illuminating light of the lantern which is cast in his direction. If examined closely, the man also appears

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