The French Of Political Provocation

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Nechaev’s idea of political provocation was to anticipate the Russian government’s response and use the response in order to radicalize people. For example he sent letters to people, knowing that they would be intercepted and those to whom the letters were addressed to would be thrown in jail. In jail people would either break, which were exactly the kind of people Nechaev did not want, or they would harder and become radicalized. By committing an act and anticipating the overreaction of the government, Nechaev was actually able to use the unknowing Russian government in order to assist in the radicalization process. This idea applies to the Anglo-Saxon approach of dealing with terrorism. Unlike the Russian approach of blind persecution, the Anglo-Saxon approach ignores the non-violent radicals and only concentrates on violent terrorists. By learning from the mistakes of the Russians the Angelo- Saxon approach only deals with legitimate threats, thereby rendering political provocation useless. Jujitsu politics is way of using an overreaction by an enemy in response to an attack against himself. For example, if I was a smurf who wanted to rally other smurfs to attack France. I would have one smurf attack France, with would elicit the response France developing a bias against all smurfs, which in turn would rally more smurfs to my case of hating France. This technique was used by al-Qaeda and the “Underwear Bomber” against the United States. The 9/11 attacks were designed
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